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Nurate 100% Japan Hydrolysis Fish Scale Collagen
 100% natural collagen hydrolyzate scale extraction from Japan
Breastfeeding women, most of them will mastoptosis, flabby, stretch marks appear.
Product No.: A4715447370093
HK$ 370.00
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Breastfeeding women, most of them will mastoptosis, flabby, stretch marks appear.

Supplement Fish scale collagen earlier, can inhibit pigment production, reducing the formation of stain, skin repair, fade stretch marks, increase skin elasticity, improve skin luster.

Collagen is the main protein in human anatomy, when pregnancy it can help for fetus formed, breeds fetal's placental also requires a lot of collagen.

Furthermore, it also can help because of pregnancy that mother's skin laxity and stretch marks situation.

Collagen is a bio-high molecular substance, it add to skin necessary nutrients.

Increased activity of the collagen in the skin, moisturize the skin, eating collagen is also not easy to form stretch marks.


1.Easily absorbed: Hydrolyzed collagen of high purity, enzymatic hydrolysis with small molecular is easily absorbed.

2.Easy to decompose: Fish scale collagen hydrolyzate average molecular only 1000 to 2000 Daltons, easily decomposed, can be quickly digested and absorbed.

3.Safety: From freshwater fish scales, NO pollution, NO zoonotic diseases pollution problems.


 Nurate 100% Japan Hydrolysis Fish Scale Collagen




【Product info】

 100% Pure natural 

 Made in Taiwan





【Servings Per Container 】 

 150 grams of powders



 100% Japan Fish Scale Collagen.


【Daily recommended】

 Dietary supplement take 6~9g, take orally with water, or mixed with juice, soup, milk and other drink.



.Please follow the use recommended, taking more does not help.

.Please avoid the menstrual period to eat.

.Discontinue use and consult doctor or physician if any adverse reactions occur.

.This product is sources of natural, if there is spots or color on the capsule are natural phenomena, please relieved to eat.

.Do not eat if product packaging is damaged.

.This is a private expendable products, after opened can not be returned.


【Storage instructions】 

After opening, please keep tightly closed in refrigerator, away from light and out of reach of children.



This Product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 07. July 2011.

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